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Margarita Espada is the founder and executive-artistic director of Teatro Yerbabruja, an organization formerly based in Puerto Rico and now based in Long Island, that uses the arts as a tool for social change. In 2009, the organization produced a community-based performance piece called “What Killed Marcelo Lucero?” based on the November 2008 hate crime killing of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero.

Margarita has a master’s degree in fine arts in dramaturgy from Stony Brook University and is also a New York State-certified teacher. She has received numerous awards and proclamations for her leadership and community work, including a 2006 “Woman of the Year” award from the Latin American Chamber of Commerce & Industry of New York for her contributions to the arts on Long Island.

She is a member of the International School for Latin-American and Caribbean Theater of UNESCO and the National Association for Latino Arts & Culture. As a community organizer, she uses the arts to promote social change. Her use of the artsl to promote civic dialogue among the diverse communities on Long Island has gained her the respect of community leaders and grassroots organizations alike. Her work has also been featured in media outlets such as Newsday, The New York Times, and the Associated Press.


Teatro Experimental Yerbabruja


Executive-Artistic Director

Margarita Espada​​



Steve Bard



George Siberon



 Martha Reyes



Vivian Hart



Cathy Barbash 

Marc Soto

Anthony Garcia

Hypatia Martinez

Angel Perez

Artistic Team

Teatro Experimental Yerbabruja has a collective of multicultural/intergenerational and interdisciplinary artists who collaborate regularly at our arts center.


Yerbabruja provides creative/performance space such as a dance floor, art studio, multimedia studio and sound equipment. Yerbabruja also collaborates with local and international visiting artists creating spaces for exchange and artist development.

Margarita Espada: MFA, Project Director/Founder of Teatro Yerbabruja

Jonathan Romero: Yerbabruja Event Curator, Audio Engineer, DJ & Music Producer

SoundCloud: Jomero


Malcom Bunce: House Manager


Daniel Jimenez: Visual Artist

Instagram: inthfire

Mariana Lima: Bachelors Degree in Theater, Yerbabruja Event Curator and Executive Assistant, Multidisciplinary artist, DJ, Music Producer, Sound Healer, and Birth Doula

Instagram: taina.enikeyi

Phillip Baldwin: Multimedia Designer, Scenographer, Designer, Author, Educator, UX/UI Consultant, Installation Artist, Associate Professor of Design and Digital media at Stony Brook University, and Immersive Environment Designer.


Joan Wozniak:  Multimedia Designer, Photographer, Videographer & interactive technology at Suffolk Community College. 

Rosa Lina Lima, MFA Dance: Puerto Rican Contemporary dancer, Dance and French teacher at Puerto Rico University.  


Lia Domingues: Choreographer, Contemporary Dancer & Director of Punto Cero Company (Mexico)

Instagram: punt0cero.cia

Karen Mena Lobos: Bachelor of Theatre Performance, Director, Artist Educator, Actress, founder of Company Teatro Calato, Independent Artist (Concon, Chile)

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