OUR Mission...

Yerba bruja is a plant that flourishes in the harshest of conditions. Survives for a better tomorrow with just a sunlight of hope. Our mission at Yerba bruja is to connect community, art, and education in order to create a positive impact in the LIVES of the people we reach and touch through our work!

In line with our mission of using the arts as a tool for social change, we bravely and purposefully leased and renovated a godsend vacant space on Carleton Avenue in the heart of downtown Central Islip to create the area’s first Arts Center.  This project is the realization of the organization’s hopes and dreams.  We are confident that this will bring a positive social and economic impact to the community. 


Indeed, from a strategic viewpoint our organization believes that, in partnership with other community leaders, We kick start and help propel economic revitalization, promote cultural enrichment and advocate hard for pure human connection through artistic expression.


A look at Central Islip downtown discloses a mixed-use neighborhood with a few restaurants and some small businesses.  Many buildings are residential apartments with a largely immigrant and minority population.


Although the realities of the community include some gang violence and related crimes, these difficulties do not define a community but are a call to unite as neighbors and friends to bring about a social and economic renaissance. 


Our goal is to make the Arts Center an integral part of that renaissance by using art as a tool to revitalize downtown Central Islip.


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