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Interdisciplinary Performance Theater

Our theater productions are divided into two areas. One includes community work that includes theater created with the community in schools or prisons. In this work  we use the method of the Theater of the Oppressed and the work of masks and objects emphasized in the construction of a collective dramaturgy related to social issues that oppress the community.


We also produce professional multidisciplinary experimental theater. The director  works with visual and sound narratives created in collaboration with videographers, DJ's, musicians and digital designers. The text is written from the combination of all the elements during improvisations. Through the process of devising theater,  we  use personal interviews, photos, newspapers, and personal narratives as sources of creative inspiration to create original dramaturgy rooted in social and community experiences. 


Our multidisciplinary projects explore social or personal issues combining theater, dance, multimedia, music, creative writing to create experimental pieces that challenge us and create civic conversations around issues that concern us.

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